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Welcome to Romance World Bookstore
We carry used books;
including 1st Editions, Out-of-Print
and Hard-to-Find books as well as
New books at a discount.

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The Store is Closed

 The store at 854 Jackman St. is closed

Romance World Lives On

I will continue to sell new books. The discount is the same as it was when the store closed, 20% off paperbacks/trade-size and 25% off hardcover.
 I have gone into a partnership with my friend Deanna. She has a used bookstore in Poway. I will be selling new books in her store. The address is 12845 Poway Rd., Suite #108, in Poway. As I get more set up in her store, I'll put more information on this webpage.

I am having "Book Meetings", so that we can get together and discuss what we've read and what's coming up. These meetings are at the Coco's on Fletcher Parkway by the old store. I will bring the upcoming book covers for customers to make sure they don't miss any of their favorites. I plan to have these meetings about once a week at various times to make them available for people's different schedules. If you can't attend you can still contact me by email, telephone or at the bookstore in Poway.

The meeting times will be posted on this webpage. If you do not have internet availability you may request to be contacted by telephone or text message.

Next Book Meeting

Our next "Book Meeting" at Coco's is April 1st 2012. We’ve been meeting weekly for over three years now. Amazing isn’t it? The meeting is from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. We are currently looking through May, June and July covers and catalogs.
If you want me to bring anything specific, email me or call me
at 619-889-0329

If you wish to contact me, please email me at:


What's Hot at Romance World

Cameron's Landing - Anne Stuart




Magnificent Passage - Kat Martin



The Earl and the Heiress - Barbara Metzger $16.00

What's hot at Romance World:

·         Shelly Laurenston

·         Thea Harrison

·         Urban Fantasy

We have a large selection of new books.
If you can't find a book check with us!

We have a large selection of:

·         Historical

·         Contemporary

·         Paranormal

To view some of our titles click here


Hot Topic question of the month:
Have you switched to e-reading? Do you read both e-books and traditional books?

What different types of books do you read? Do you read more than one book at a time?

Are you reading different types of books than you used to?