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Wild Child

By Mary Jo Putney

Genre: Historical

Setting: Regency

Time Period:

Publisher/Date: Ballantine 8/99

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Dominic Renbourne
Female Lead: Meriel Grahame


Lady Meriel's parents are killed when she's a small child and she's taken captive. When rescued she lives her life in her ownprivate world. She has two guardian uncles; one who would see her in an asylum, the other wants her free and thinks to see her happily married. Before her parent's death she is betrothed to Kyle Renbourne, Lord Maxwell. Kyle has been requested to visit Meriel to see if they would suit. Kyle bribes his twin brother Dominic to pose as him. The last thing either expects is the attraction between Dominic and Meriel. A wonderful, involving story that makes you keep turning the pages because you can't wait to see what happens next.