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Romance World

Review Corner


By Jo-Ann Power

Genre: Historical

Setting: England

Time Period: 1881

Publisher/Date: Sonnet, 9/99

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Blake Hargrove, Earl of Sandown

Female Lead: Cerise Lindsay


Cerise Lindsay a talented artist living in Italy receives news that her sister has accidentally drowned. She returns home to England to try to uncover the details of the controversial accident.

Cerise's sister, Madelaine, died at the home of Blake Hargrove, Earl of Sandown. Blake also wants to discover the details of Madelaine's death.

Blake and Cerise are attracted to each other from the beginning and have many sensuous meetings. Cerise is not sure she can trust Blake.

Although whenever Blake and Cerise are together sparks fly, it seems that the story drags along with no real developments in the mystery or in their relationship. Eventually, I didn't care why Madelaine died, I just wished they'd put me out of my agony and get on with it.