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Romance World

Review Corner


By Christine Holden


Genre: Paranormal

Setting: New Orleans, LA

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: Jove

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Jordan Bennett

Female Lead: Ashley Douglas

Theresa C.

Ashley Douglas was cut off financially two years ago to teach her the meaning of self-reliance and is still having trouble econoimizing. Jordan Bennett, old family friend and Ashley's secret love, is frugal (to put it politely) and cannot abide the fact that Ashley doesn't respect money. He knows from experience that money doesn't grow on trees.

Ashley impulsively buys an antique bowl that she discovers was smithed by Merlin the Magician and is, of course, enchanted. Calling himself Elvis, the bowl helps Ashley achieve a few wishes and wants in her life; i.e. getting Jordan romantically interested in her.

Jordan is magically drawn to his best friend's sister. He lands the chef position at the hotel where Ashley works and has to report to her. Seeing her in a position of authority makes Jordan realize that she has grown up and may have changes her spendthrift ways.

When Ashley gets what she wants with the help of Elvis, she starts to question the morality of getting things with magic. Jordan doesn't believe in the magic bowl but does magically start to loosen his puse strings. True love does seem to conquer all.

This book in the Magical Love line was both unusual and humorous.