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Review Corner

My False Heart

By Liz Carlyle

Genre: Historical

Setting: Regency England

Time Period: Early 1800's, post war

Publisher/Date: Sonnet, November 1999

Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Male Lead: Elliot Armstrong, Marquis of Rannoch

Female Lead: Evangeline van Artevalde

Theresa C.

Elliot is welcome into Evangeline's home by mistake. She is a landscape artist supporting her extended family by painting portraits. She believes Elliot is a patron. Elliot is lost in the English countryside looking for his latest mistress to dismiss her. Both Evangeline and Elliot are people with great responsibilities, who become fascinated with each other.

Someone is out to ruin Elliot, just when he finds something worth turning his life of debauchery around...and Evangeline's reason for escaping the Continent after the war is catching up with her.

The love these two have for each other takes them both by surprise and leads to interesting results.

The author does a wonderful job of developing the characters fully. The reader is pulled into the story and into the people's lives insuring that the reader cares whether or not Elliot and Evangeline can overcome everything for each other.