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Review Corner

Georgia's Groom

By Barbara McMahon


Genre: Contemporary, Light Romance

Setting: American South

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: Harlequin Romance 9/00

Sensuality Rating: PG

Male Lead: Dev Tolliver

Female Lead: Georgia Beaufort


In the compelling conclusion to the Beaufort Brides Trilogy, Georgia decides to divide up the three prospective candidates who might be their father and finalize the search before she begins her new job at the hospital. Georgia takes her vacation time to travel to Houston where one of the candidates lives. Rand and Patrick each take one of the remaining candidates to check out. When Georgia trys to contact the Sam Williams in Houston, she runs into a brick wall named Dev Tolliver, Sam William's stepson. Georgia takes a job as a gardener in hopes of getting a chance to meet and talk to Sam.

Dev is attracted to Georgia and has no idea that she's the same woman who tried to reach his stepfather at their office. Dev has a history with an ex-fiancee who turned out to be a gold-digger. He doesn;t trust that women aren't after his mony and position.

Georgia starts to have feelings for Dev and realizes that when he finds out she doesn't know the first thing about gardening and that she's there under false pretenses, Dev may never want to see her again.