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Romance World

Review Corner

Head Over Heels

By Stephanie Mittman

Genre: Contemporary


Time Period: current

Publisher/Date: 12/99

Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Male Lead: Harry "Harris Tweed" Woolery

Female Lead: Nan Springfield

Theresa C.

Shock-jock Harris Tweed accuses Rev. Phil Springfield of embezzling church scholarship funds on his late night radio show. The Reverend speeds to the radio station to defend himself, only to wrap his car around a tree. To Tweed this is a sign of guilt.

Nan Springfield's marriage had been in trouble before the accusations and the death of her husband. Now the money cannot be found and she uses the life insurance money to cover the scholarships. Her brother-in-law insists she sue Tweed for causing her husband's death. Social Services want to place the foster children back with their abusive families, the church wants her house for the new reverend and the man responsible for her husband's death is making her into a charity case.

Just when she is at the end of her rope, Harry Woolery shows up as Santa and starts making things better in small ways. Everything should work out if only she could find the scholarship money and clear her husband's name. Harry does not tell Nan his true identity which makes everything worse when she finds out.

This is a great first contemporary from Stephanie Mittman. The secondary characters keep this story moving and the reader second guessing the outcome.