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Romance World

Review Corner

Impossible Dreams

By Patricia Rice


Genre: Contemporary

Setting: North Carolina

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: Ivy Books 4/00

Sensuality Rating: PG13

Male Lead: Axell Holm

Female Lead: Maya Alyssum


Speaking of Impossible Dreams, this story starts out like a soap opera. The story takes place in a conservative small town in North Carolina. The Heroine, Maya, is very pregnant and unwed. She is taking care of her sister's son and New Age gift store while her sister's in jail on drug charges. Maya is also running a very unconventional private school ina dilapidated old house. The local mayor is trying to gain control of the school property to use as a parking lot for a planned shopping mall.

The hero, Axell, is a widowed father of one of her pupils. Axell is juggling a silent daughter, a meddling mother-in-law, his restaurant/bar, and his membership on the city council.

Everytime something seems to be going right, it goes wrong, usually with considerable help from one of the "bad guys". Being forced to become reluctant allies in watching each othr's backs turns convenience to romance. In the end, good and right triumph and the impossible dreams really do come true.

The bumpersticker captions are a riot in and of themselves. That they fit their places so well is even better. This book has all of the elements to be a cliche. Any attempt to summarize the book would ruin it. The proof of the story is in the reading. I enjoy reading (all too well), but few books hold my attention this well and have me giggling this hard.