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Review Corner

Silver Lining

By Maggie Osborne


Genre: Historical

Setting: Colorado Rocky Mountains

Time Period: 1880's

Publisher/Date: Ivy Books, 1/00

Sensuality Rating: PG

Male Lead: Max Mc Cord
Female Lead: Louise "Low Down" Downe

Theresa C.

"Low Down" saves the lives of sixty-four miners at Piney Creek when she nurses the gold mining town through the small pox. To repay her for her services, the unofficial mayor of Piney Creek grants "Low Down" her most secret wish, not imagining that this lonely woman wants a baby of her own to love.

All the bachelors of Piney Creek draw lots to see who will be the proud papa, even Max McCord who is already engaged. Max, who has caught Low Down's eye already, draws the scratched marble. The town's preacher makes the "happy" couple marry to keep the baby legitimate.

Max takes Louise to his home in Fort Houser and finds his intended at home is expecting a baby and is demanding a wedding posthaste. The McCord family try to make the most of the situation and this is where the story gets really interesting.

These two people find that there are silver linings where it looked like only storm clouds exist. And they learn a lesson about getting what you wish for.

I found this a fast read and an enjoyable one. The author takes the reader on a fun ride that keeps the pages turning to the end.