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Review Corner

Marrying Margot

By Barbara McMahon


Genre: Contemporary, Light Romance

Setting: American South

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: Harlequin Romance 7/00

Sensuality Rating: G

Male Lead: Rand Marstall

Female Lead: Margot Beaufort


Through the manipulation of Margot's grandmother, Margot and her husband have been estranged for five long years. This discovery is partly made when Margot realizes that her grandmother was responsible for her father's desertion back when she was three years old.

Both Margot and Rand have some soul-searching to do, concerning all of the reasons that their marriage had difficulities. After the miscarriage of their baby, Rand dove into work and Margot felt abandoned. Margot went home to find the solace she needed and Rand felt responsible for their loss and isolated.

Margot and Rand try to find the answers to heal the past and to see if indeed they have a future.

In this story of love reunited, there's a myriad of interesting plot angles. The story of Margot's missing father is especially intriquing and is continued through this trilogy of Beaufort Brides. Many interesting characters are introduced in three-dimensional detail and leave you feeling like you know them personally and you have a vested interest in whether Margot and Rand will finally live happily ever after.