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Review Corner

A Mother for Mollie

By Barbara McMahon


Genre: Contemporary, Light Romance

Setting: American South

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: Harlequin Romance 8/00

Sensuality Rating: PG

Male Lead: Patrick O'Shaunnessy

Female Lead: Shelby Beaufort


Shelby Beaufort has decided it's up to her to try and locate her long lost father. Her sister Margot just got married and is pregnant, and her other sister is going through special training as a trauma nurse. After trying several private investigators and finding them not interested in her case, or too expensive, she's about out of her list of possibilities when she meets Patrick O'Shaunnessy.

Patrick is out of options, he's trying to run his agency with a revolving door on clerical help and his daughter's last available day care center just kicked him out.

Shelby comes up with the idea of a marriage of convenience. Patrick can use her work's day care center if they're married and he'll be free to run his office and try to discover her Dad's whereabouts.

From the first page Shelby's and Patrick's attraction sizzles and charms. It was wonderful watching their relationship develop despite the fact that they both wanted to keep enough distance in the relationship so they could go their separate ways when Mollie reached school age and Margot had her baby. Despite their intentions they fall in love in a heart-warming story full of humor and emotion.