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Romance World

Review Corner


By Judith Ivory

Genre: Historical

Setting: England

Time Period: 1898

Publisher/Date: 12/99

Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Male Lead: Michael "Mick" Tremore

Female Lead: Lady Edwina Henrietta Bollash

Lady Edwina, teacher of awkward girls and spinster, is hired by the Lamont twins to turn Mick into a gentleman - in six weeks! Mick, a ratcatcher, goes along with the challenge for the money he can send to his family in Cornwall. After all, he has an ear for accents, likes the lady and can act like a gentleman at the ball where the twins will test him.

During the six weeks, "Winnie" and mick become very close and very involved. Mick is suspicious of the motives of the Lamont twins and Winnie worries about what will happen when the challenge is over.

Mick helps Winnie as much as she helps him find his potential. Winnie's relatives help them more than you would think possible.

I fell in love with Mick by the end of the first chapter. Winnie is a wonderful personality and very believable. A Keeper!