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Romance World

Review Corner

Midnight in Ruby Bayou

By Elizabeth Lowell


Genre: Contemporary

Setting: St. Petersburg, Russia/USA

Time Period: Current

Publisher/Date: HarperCollins

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Owen Walker

Female Lead: Faith Donovan

Theresa C.

Priceless rubies are stolen from a museum in Russia and sold. The man who wants the rubies back thinks Faith Donovan, jewelry designer and sister of Archer Donovan (Pearl Cove), has the stones in her shop. Donovan International are world renown jewelers and would not deal in stolen goods. This alone makes the Russian suspicious.

Faith is recovering from a bad relationship by burying herself in work. At present, she is creating a necklace for the Montegeau family that will be a wedding gift. Over-protective brothers make Faith's life difficult, but she puts up with Owen Walker as a bodyguard. After all he is an expert on rubies and a tireless member of the Donovan team.

It becomes hard for Faith to ignore Owen even though she has sworn off men. Owen tries to remember his job is to protect Faith and her rubies as they are drawn into international intrigue and old family secrets.

This story was worth the year wait! Ms. Lowell writes a story that's impossible to put down.