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A Secret Love

By Stephanie Laurens


Genre: Historical

Setting: England

Time Period: Regency, 1820

Publisher/Date: Avon Books 7/00

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Rupert "Gabriel" Cynster

Female Lead: Alathea Morwellan


Eleven years ago, Alathea Morwellan turned her back on her debut and never returned. Now history seems prepared to repeat itself as her twin sister prepare for their season. She has devoted herself to restoring the family finances. A chance found document proves to be a contract which could destroy all she has worked for. The only hope is to prove the investment scheme a fraud and the requires the aid of Gabriel Cynster. Old history and family pride preclude a direct appeal so she invents a cover. Gabriel is captivated by the widowed Countess seeking to protect her stepson's inheritance. He pursues her as they both pursue the truth behind the document.

Amanda and Amelia Cynster appeal to Alathea for help to get Gabriel and Lucifer to back off. As the last "available" members of the Bar Cynster, it has been their task to protect the twins during the season.

Damn! She's done it again! I truly loved this book. Not only is it worth the read, but also a few rereads. I hope that we see stories on the twins and Chillingworth before she leaves the Cynsters behind.