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Romance World

Review Corner

September Moon

By Candice Proctor

Genre: Historical

Setting: Australian Outback

Time Period: 1864

Publisher/Date: Fawcett, 10/99

Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Male Lead: Patrick O'Reilly

Female Lead: Amanda Davenport


Patrick O'Reilly loves the Australian outback where he owns a cattle and sheep station. He has three children who drive off every governess that he brings home. His wife deserted him years before for another man and left him to raise the children alone.

Amanda Davenport is a proper English lady. She accepts the position as Governess because she is destitute and needs to earn money to make her way back home to England.

The story is much heavier in historical content then in emotional development. I learned quite a bit about the Australian drought and life on the station. It was hard to feel the attachment between Patrick and Amanda. There was lots of opportunity for emotional development between the children and Amanda, but it never came about.