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Review Corner

Simmer All Night

By Geralyn Dawson

Genre: Historical

Setting: San Antonio & England

Time Period: 1883

Publisher/Date: Pocket Books, 12/99

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Cole Morgan

Female Lead: Christina Delaney

Theresa C.

Christina Delaney, heiress of a Texas fortune feels her family does not love her. The final straw with her family comes when she opens a chili stand in the San Antonio Military Plaza and gets herself voted "Chili Queen". Christina's mother and brother decide to send her to England and the care of her maternal grandfather. She sees this as more punishment for not being the "perfect lady'.

Cole Morgan, the Delaney's foster son, is assigned the task of taking Christina to England. He also needs to research the missing copies of the Texas Declaration of Independence for the San Antonio Historical Society.

Although Cole and Christina have known each other all their lives, this trip to England opens their eyes and brings some hard truths to the surface of their relationship.

With help from strong secondary characters this story keeps the reader turning the pages to see what happens next. Geralyn Dawson has created a wonderful story with three dimensional characters that leave the reader simmering for the next story.