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Romance World

Review Corner

Touch of the Wolf

By Susan Krinard

Genre: Historical

Setting: Northumberland, England

Time Period: 1875

Publisher/Date: 10/99

Sensuality Rating: PG-13

Male Lead: Braden Forster, Earl of Greyburn

Female Lead: Cassidy Holt


Braden Forster has dedicated his life to the preservation of a pure-blooded werewolf race. The cause first established by his Grandfather is not embraced by Braden's brother or sister. Through the circumstances of his marriage, Braden has decided that marriage is not for him, the preservation of the species depends on his siblings and his long lost cousin Cassidy.

Cassidy is left orphaned at the tender age of six. She was raised by her human aunt and uncle in New Mexico. She has always wanted to learn more about her werewolf heritage and how to chage into a wolf.

The story was thoroughly engrossing without the bloody scenes that you might predict from a book about werewolves. All of the characters were real with stories of their own you can't wait to read about in future books.