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A Woman Scorned

By Liz Carlyle


Genre: Historical

Setting: London, England

Time Period: 1810

Publisher/Date: Sonnet Books

Sensuality Rating: R

Male Lead: Captain Cole Amherst

Female Lead: Jonet Cameron Rowland

Theresa C.

Cole Amherst is recovering from a battle wound when he is asked by his Uncle Lord James Rowland to spy on Lord James' sister-in-law. Lord James wants to take Jonet Rowland's two sons from her, believing she killed her husband.

Cole was raised by Lord James and worries for the two young boys in more than one way. Since he is a teacher by training and a cousin many times removed, Cole is hired as tutor for Jonet's boys and brought into her household.

Cole and Jonet, unaware of forces working against them, begin a stormy relationship. He begins to love her children and Jonet herself. Cole is at odds with what his mission truly is: Find Jonet an unfit mother or find salvation for himself.

Liz Carlyle's writing style picks the reader up and sets them down inside the lives of her characters. An involving read, I can't wait for her next book!